Derek Grimm

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A rising tide is good for all of the ships in the harbour. Derek feels the same about the partnerships and projects that he takes on. If you do well, he does well. Co-operation can replace competition.


Collaborative Entrepreneur

Derek Grimm

Derek (Canadian born), moved to Japan in 1996 after graduating university. It was here that he started developing his skills in digital marketing, creating digital media (content) and websites. The fire was lit and he went on to master the art of interactive GUI’s (Graphic User Interface) and video.

After launching GrongTech in 2013 and running the business for several years out of Perth, in Western Australia, Derek is now based in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney with his wife and children. His business is focused on developing and optimising websites, building marketing automation frameworks, as well as editing and branding video. He believes strongly that the foundation of any online presence is solid, quality content in a variety of formats.

Technology and online marketing are ever changing, but Derek is always expanding his knowledge and keeping abreast of emerging trends.

He is the ‘go to’ guy for many businesses who want to explore new ways to communicate through technology and brings that passion to every project he takes on.


Derek divides his time between three main projects:


GrongTech Web Solutions

GrongTech offers website design, website care, marketing automation, and crypto consulting services.

Urantia TLDR

Urantia TLDR

A narrative driven docuseries featuring longtime students of the Urantia Book

GrongTech Media

GrongTech Media

A new focus for GrongTech. We offer video editing, branding and packaging services, compositing, and visual effects.

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.”


GrongTech Web Solutions

Derek is the Director and Lead Designer of GrongTech Web Solutions which specialises in website design, website care, and marketing automation.

Website Design

The bedrock that your online presence is founded on: a well designed website should help you convert visitors into paying customers.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the equivalent of having your very own robot salesman promoting your brand 24/7/365.


Website Care

Properly caring for and maintaining a website requires specialised skills, systems, and processes. Caring for a website is just as important as building it!

Urantia TLDR

Urantia TLDR is an episodic, narrative driven docuseries featuring people with a deep knowledge of the Urantia Book. It’s a project which requires skills from both GrongTech’s website design and marketing, as well as the production, editing, VFX and studio work done by GrongTech Media.

Urantia TLDR

GrongTech Media

GrongTech offers video editing, branding and packaging services, as well as compositing, motion graphics, and video effects.

GrongTech Media

Video Editing

Have an interiview that you did online? GrongTech can add your branding to motion graphics and title/credit sequences to make you look more professional.

Motion Graphics

We love creating title and credit sequences that stand out and make you want to watch.



Need to add something or someone to your sequence or video that you couldn’t film or maybe just forgot?  We may be able to help.


Creativity and Quality

I'm Thrilled!

"Derek recently developed my website and I’m thrilled! The finished site was much better than I had initially anticipated it to be. I can’t recommend Derek highly enough, in fact I have already referred my friends and family to him as I know they will receive exceptional service, knowledge and value for money. Thanks again Derek!" testimonial-1

Kerry Schultz | Photographer

Great Design!

"It was a pleasure working with GrongTech. I am more than pleased with the excellent quality of Derek's work on our website project, and the service he continues to provide. I am greatly impressed by his professional and thorough approach to his work and to his clients." testimonial-1

Peter Webb | Co-Founder, Perth UBSG

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